Next Killzone Details Leaked

There’s no mistaking the glowing red eyes of a Helghast soldier, the eyes that make ISA soldiers’ blood turn cold as they run away screaming. Unfortunately for the ISA (but luckily for us!), details on the next Killzone game have been reportedly leaked.

The leak centers around a political speech, which is written for a female character. This character has ties to a Helghast Autarch, an Autarch being the leader of Helghan. The only character in the Killzone universe that matches that description is the unnamed daughter of Scolar Visari, the series’ antagonist.

The new antagonist will recite the following lines in a political speech, which will be appear in a teaser for the game:

“My sons and my daughters, today we take the first step toward our imperial future.

For years, this once-great nation has stagnated in the shadow of its enemies. Governed by scoundrels who flaunted the ideals established by my father, these traitors… these enemies of our race have diluted and exploited the triad of Duty, Obedience, and Loyalty.

This regime, this corrupt regime, has been dissolved. In its place does rise an era of stability and strength. A time of opportunity born from a promise that we shall return our people to their proper sphere of dominance.”

We’re about to try and dissect this rumor, so if you haven’t yet finished Killzone 2 or 3, it’s best to stop reading right now. Seriously, go read our Minecraft Xbox 360 review – this next section is going to be filled with spoilers.

If you’re still here, that means you’ve completed Killzone 2 and/or 3 or just don’t care about the plot. Let’s get started!

Players will recall that at the end of Killzone 2, Visari is shot dead by Rico Velasquez. Visari’s death causes political strife among Helghan’s politicians, a major plot point in the game’s sequel. Players first meet Visari’s daughter in Killzone 3‘s intro, though she only appears briefly. She is not one of Helghan’s politicians and has no say in the future of the planet. The second stanza of the speech reflects the emotions she could be feeling, seeing as the actions of Helghan’s leaders have now left the planet in ruins. However, this does not mean she will be game’s main antagonist.

Killzone 3‘s final cutscene depicts two Helghast soldiers greeting a mysterious character, though his identity is never revealed. Some theories have suggested that Visari was not actually killed by Rico in Killzone 2, and that it was actually a body double. This is was supported by Killzone 3′s intro cinematic: Visari’s daughter pulls her hand away from her father, as though she is aware he was a different person. An alternate theory suggests that the character was actually Killzone 3 antagonist Stahl, though this would assume he had survived the nuclear bombing of his flagship. It doesn’t seem likely that this mystery figure is in fact Visari’s daughter, as the two soldiers refer to the person as “sir.”


The Helghast are a people that pride themselves on propaganda, and what better way to secure the people’s trust than to have the the daughter of their beloved leader give a speech? It sounds likely then that the man at the end of Killzone 3 has Visari’s daughter’s support and is using it to his advantage. That, or the Helghast just call all of their women “sir.”

Currently, there is a Killzone title in development for the Vita, while Killzone 4 is rumored to be in development for the PS3 or the PS4. Considering these leaks refer to events that take place after Killzone 3, it sounds like this game is most likely Killzone 4 rather than the Vita spin-off.

Killzone 3 was my personal game of the year for 2011, so any news on a sequel is good news. With the last Killzone title releasing just over a year ago, it will be interesting to see if the next entry in the franchise is shown off at E3 in June.

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Source: Siliconera