The Weapons of 'Killzone 3'

Killzone 3 Weapon List

With so much carnage and mayhem showcased in the many trailers for Killzone 3, many gamers might be overlooking one of the more important elements of the game: the weaponry. In order to correct that mistake, Sony and developer Guerrilla Games have released a comprehensive list, complete with picture, details, and associated faction, of every weapon in the game.

Old standards like the M82 Assault Rifle and the LS13 Shotgun are returning to Killzone 3, providing both long range and close range combat options. Killzone 2's weapons didn’t really have anything wrong with them in the first place, so Guerrilla Games saw fit to invest its development time in some heavy artillery.

For anyone who has been following the development of Killzone 3, the mech suit and the jetpack's inclusion should come as no surprise. Adding a new dynamic to both the single and the multiplayer modes, these new pieces of machinery reaffirm Guerrilla Games’ dedication to making the third entry in the series feel fresh.

Here is the complete list of weaponry for both sides:

ISA Weaponry

  • M4 Revolver
  • M66 Machine Pistol
  • M82 Assault Rifle
  • M82SE Assault Rifle (Suppressed)
  • M32 Combat Knife
  • LS13 Shotgun
  • LS57 Submachine Gun
  • M224-1A Light Machine Gun
  • LS209 Exoskeleton
  • M194 Fragmentation Grenade
  • PXM199 Proximity Mine

Helghast Weaponry

  • StA-18 Pistol
  • VC8 Shotgun Pistol
  • StA-2 Battle Pistol
  • StA-52 Assault Rifle
  • StA-52SE Assault Rifle (Suppressed)
  • StA-14 Rifle
  • VC32 Sniper Rifle
  • StA-11 Submachine Gun
  • StA-11SE Submachine Gun (Supressed)
  • StA-3 Light Machine Gun
  • StA-62 Minigun
  • VC9 Rocket Launcher
  • StA-X3 W.A.S.P. Launcher
  • StA-X6 Jetpack
  • PXM199 Proximity Mine
  • VC116 Sentry Turret

The weapons of Killzone 3 are not about being overly flashy, but instead are about getting the job done. Gamers who might be looking for the customization options that come with a game like Call of Duty will instead find an inventory that is informed by the play style of the individual. If the beta is any indication, whatever class the player selects will dictate the weapon they will be capable of using, typically three options. There are still several ways in which the player can customize their weapons, but they are improvements like rate of fire or ammo capacity.

Out of the gate there will be a set weapon selectable, with the other two options unlocked via a point system. As the player increases in level they will be rewarded points that can they be applied to alternate abilities (turrets, drones, cloaking) or spent on more weapons or weapon alterations. It might not seem like the richest of experiences, but once the player becomes invested in a certain class, the multiplayer really opens up.

With so much content having already been revealed, this look at the weapons only further completes the almost finished puzzle. Set for release in just under a month, Killzone 3 promises to take the series in a new direction, one that is filled with a wider variety of environments and that improves upon its predecessor in every way — and let us not forget the 3D.

Gamers will even get their chance to experience Killzone 3’s multiplayer in an open beta that should be available very soon. Make sure to give each of the game’s classes and weapons a try to see what works best for you.

How do you feel about Guerrilla’s decision to favor class customization versus weapon customization? Do you favor the short range of the shotgun, the mid range of the assault rifle, or the long range of the sniper?

Killzone 3 releases February 22, 2011, for the PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog Europe

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