'Killzone 3' VGA Commercial is Short but Effective

Killzone 3 co-op

A big reveal wasn’t the only way for a publisher to get their title noticed during last weekend’s Spike VGAs, as Guerrilla Games took to the more common and lower key venue of a brief commercial to show off their upcoming shooter, Killzone 3.

While the trailer is only a lightning fast 15 seconds long, it certainly was a stand out amongst the other reveals of the night for a couple reasons. Whereas Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect 3 chose to go the route of pre-rendered footage, the trailer for Killzone 3, a title that should be near completion, was all in-game goodness. On top of that, the release of Killzone 3 is right around the corner — much sooner than any of the other titles revealed.

Along with the words of praise from various outlets, brief looks were given at some of the game's many weapons and some of the more thrilling moments. Other, longer trailers have emphasized various elements of the game, from the jetpacks to the mech suits, but this one instead chooses to play it cool with quick yet effective scenes.

Check out the trailer below:


It was a perfect night for PS3 First Person Shooters with both Killzone 3 and Resistance 3, Sony’s top tier exclusives, attempting to get some fan excitement going. Resistance’s trailer was a bit subdued, as teasers are wont to be, while Killzone’s trailer presented more of a “don’t forget our game is right around the corner” type of message. It's a smart move to show off both franchises, as they are Sony's only answer to the other FPS juggernauts that are multi-platform (Black Ops) or exclusive to another console (Halo: Reach).

Killzone 3, hopefully like Resistance 3, is working hard to improve upon the faults of its predecessor. With an ongoing beta working out the multiplayer kinks and demonstrations everywhere of the game’s 3D in action, Sony is absolutely trying to prove Killzone’s worth amidst other FPS titles. Players should try to make room Killzone 3 on their shelves, because this looks to be a good one.

Is Killzone 3 going to be making its way onto your PlayStation 3 console when it releases next year? Do you think that it will be overshadowed by some of the other titles releasing in 2011?

Killzone 3 releases February 22, 2011, for the PS3.

Source: Game Informer

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