'Killzone 3' Dev Diary Details New Combat Mechanics

Killzone 3 Dev Diary New Combat Mechanics Brutal Melee

It's an important life lesson that change is not always a good thing, but in the case of Killzone 3, all signs indicate that it could be a great thing. With a demo on the way in February, gamers will be able to get a taste of the action to come when the ISA resume their fight against the evil-eyed Helghast. The lag issues that plagued many players' experiences with Killzone 2 have been put to rest, but underscore one simple fact: in a high-level FPS, controls are everything. Now Guerilla Games has released a brand new developer diary showing how players will be put into control of the action when the game launches.

Not everyone had bones to pick with Killzone 2, but the developers aren't letting that keep them from improving everything they can. Fixing the technical issues was a no-brainer, and we all know that having the ability to play with a friend can go a long way in ironing out the kinks.

The latest trailer showcased some new areas, and we know players will be able to make their way through enemy territory with a few more new guns. Not excited yet? Check out this latest developer diary from Guerrilla Games detailing their changes from the clunky/heavy control scheme of Killzone 2 for something more fast paced.

The trailer features content that is intended for mature audiences, and as such is loaded with a healthy amount of brutal violence. Children and the squeamish look away, as you definitely won't want to see the way Killzone 3 will be ramping up combat:


The answer of fine tuning dead zones in the control scheme to resolve the sluggishness is a fairly simple solution, but it remains to be seen how it will be perceived by players. The 'Brutal Melee' system looks to greatly immerse you into the title as a soldier in the trenches, being able to dispatch enemies with a much more personal touch. There aren't many triple-A games that will allow players to gouge an enemy's eyeballs - in stereoscopic 3D, no less.

A slide cover mechanic has also been integrated into the game, and the uses that have been discussed by the game's staff show promise. The actual cover system in Killzone 2 seemed a little superfluous in a game where you could manually crouch as well, and at times felt a little out of place given the game's action. So we won't complain about those improvements.

Clearly they've changed things for Killzone 3, as sliding through fire to take out an enemy with a brutal attack looks incredibly satisfying. Feeling confident enough to slide to cover, vault, and then get up close and personal with your enemy means the team is doing everything they can to make players feel in control.

Another new addition to the player's repertoire is the third weapon slot intended for heavy weapons. The developers have clearly listened to the fans, as there were many spots in the second title that would have been a lot easier if you had access to a minigun or a multiple rocket firing system.

Visceral combat and immersion are high priorities for Guerrilla Games with Killzone 3 and it looks like they are going to deliver on those fronts and more. And let's not forget the amount of story and performances that will be on hand to round the game out into more than just a savage shooter.

Killzone 3 will be bringing a brand new fight to the Helghast on February 22, 2011 exclusively on PlayStation 3.

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