Rumor Patrol: 'Killzone 3' to Feature Split-Screen

Killzone 3 Split Screen Confirmed

A recent, alleged Killzone 3 picture taken off-screen from a preview build of the game has hit the internet and it looks to show split-screen gaming. Sony has taken the "no comment" approach regarding the picture and alleged feature, so at this point it remains just a rumor. While faking screenshots is not impossible, this picture looks like it could be the real deal, showing two players facing each other in one environment.

The first Killzone on PS2 featured an offline split-screen mode in which gamers could fight against bots. Killzone 2, however, lacked any form of split-screen mode. The picture and current rumors make it hard to tell to what extent Killzone 3 will feature split-screen, but some form seems to be included.

Killzone 3 looks to be giving gamers a lot of what they wanted. The beta earned positive impressions, the latency problems of the past look to be gone and the limited editions even look to provide some solid bonuses. Adding features to a game and adding more ways to play the game is always a plus, as long as it does not take away from the game's core experience.

Was Killzone 2 really lacking anything because it did not have split-screen? How many gamers play FPS in split-screen these days? Sure, it can be fun at a party or some other get-together, but anytime a player's screen real estate or field of vision is reduced that player is at a competitive disadvantage. More and more, online play seems to be the way to get together and play games with friends. The intimacy and smack talking of all sitting in one room is lost or reduced, but it is a lot more convenient and everyone has his or her own full screen to play on.

What is your take? Would the addition of split-screen to Killzone 3 get you excited? Do you think this feature is worth adding, or is it something you would likely never use? Do you prefer split-screen multiplayer, coop, both, or neither? Let us know in the comments below.

Killzone 3 is scheduled for a February, 2011, release exclusively on the PS3.

Source: NicaGamerz (via VG247)

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