Guerrilla Games Says Killzone 3 Will Have Splitscreen Co-Op

Killzone 3 co-op

As once rumored before, Killzone 3, the sequel to the PlayStation 3's premiere first person shooter franchise, will contain co-op splitscreen.

Grab your roommate, grab your significant other, and get ready to take on the Helghast together.

While talking about the implementation of 3D with 1up, Killzone 3 managing director Helman Hulst, confirmed that there will be splitscreen co-op in the title. No official word yet on whether Killzone 3 will have online co-op.

The "announcement" came from Hulst as he began talking about what makes Killzone different from other first person shooters on the market - specifically regarding the first person cover element:

"You vault over cover. And sometimes these things come together in a very emergent gameplay way. You vault, you do a brutal melee, you see your buddy do a brutal melee, and then your enemy also does a brutal melee to another buddy of yours."

If  you wanted a less ambiguous answer from the man, here's one that should suit you fine:

"You can see it in split screen co-op."

Killzone 3 Split Screen Confirmed

After two installments, Guerrilla Games has included a feature on the top of many player's lists. While the title may not have needed co-op, it will certainly add to the experience. With the increasingly violent gritty gameplay that Killzone 3 seems to be aiming for, with the up close and personal melee system and the addition of exo-skeletons, what better way to enjoy the game experience than with a buddy who is there in the muck with you - laying waste to numbers of Helghast?

If anything, playing with a buddy certainly increases tactical efficiency - given how long it takes a player to reload a magazine in the game. Nothing says teamwork like covering your friend's six while he's reloading.

Again, there has been no official announcement regarding the inclusion of online co-op - but when the news breaks, Game Rant will be there to bring it to you. Until then, enjoy the latest trailer and some multiplayer beta footage.

Killzone 3 releases exclusively on PlayStation 3 on February 22, 2011.

Source: 1up

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