The folks at E4G picked up on an interesting note on page 20 of the latest issue of Playstation: The Official Magazine (December 2009). In it, there reads a story titled “The Secret Games of 201o” and three major highly-anticipated titles are listed there.

“Insider slips reveal three big names you can already pencil for the next year. Killzone 3 is reportedly deep in development, Insomniac’s Full Moon Show podcast hints at a project we can only conclude is Resistance 3, and a Treyarch employee’s online mentions a Call of Duty: World at World sequel.”

Apparently, all three of these games are pretty deep into development and out of the three, World at War 2 is the least surprising. The Call of Duty games come out annually with Treyarch and Infinity Ward take turns on the games, giving each two full years to develop each successive title – a great strategy that other franchises need to take note of (Marvel Ultimate Alliance & X-Men Legends games semi-annually anyone?).

As for Killzone 3, if the next one doesn’t feature co-op play, I’m not interested. It was beyond disappointing to not have that feature at all in Killzone 2 considering it’s supposed to be PS3’s killer FPS app and it didn’t include this basic needed feature that all of its Xbox 360 counterparts contain.

How can the latest installments Call of Duty, Halo and Gears of War all have co-op and then Killzone 2, a game where you’re constantly fighting alongside a group of AI soldiers, abandon that? Unacceptable and it’s no surprise that its sales got complete destroyed by said listed counterparts – notably Halo 3: ODST which outsold all of Killzone 2’s sales within three days…

Are you excited for these three games and do you think Killzone should bring on co-op finally?

Source: E4G