Killzone 3 Release Date Announced

Killzone 3 PlayStation Plus Multiplayer Beta October 25

Killzone 3 has the unfortunate burden of carrying a big brunt of Sony’s 3D hopes upon it. For those who have tried the game out, myself included, the 3D either is one of the biggest distractions ever or it creates a more immersive experience. With the just-announced release date for Killzone 3 you better start saving those allowances for a 3D TV.

On February 22nd of next year, gamers will be able to finally don the jet pack they have been constantly hearing about. Developed by Guerilla Games and featuring a potentially breathtaking score, Killzone 3 sees players once again taking the fight to those orange-eyed demons known as the Helghast. When we last left our ISA forces, the outlook wasn’t exactly the brightest. Killzone 2 was, in my opinion, a paltry offering as compared to the amazing introduction trailer from so many E3s ago. My hopes are high for this third entry to redeem itself and make Killzone the PS3’s eminent FPS exclusive.

Just like the 3D, Killzone’s multiplayer has been hit or miss. While I enjoyed it on a regular basis, all of the different skill classes made the game very hard to enjoy. From the multiplayer trailer footage we have seen so far, it looks like Guerilla went with an improvement rather than a retooling. Granted, the Killzone multiplayer experience is somewhat unique, setting it apart from the formula Call of Duty has perfected, it still needs work in order to bring a balance across the board. With no hands-on of the multiplayer yet, my hopes are still high that multiplayer will keep the Killzone experience diversified.

Are you anticipating Killzone 3 knowing it isn’t long for release? What are you feelings on all that has been unveiled for the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Killzone 3 will go through a ton of orange bulbs on February 22nd, 2011 on the PlayStation 3.

Source: The PlayStation Blog

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