'Killzone 3' PS3 Bundle Revealed By Amazon

Killzone 3 PS3 Bundle

With the reviews already pouring in, Killzone 3 (one of Game Rant's 20 most anticipated games of this year) seems to be placing itself near the top off the pile among the rest of this year's shooters. The online multiplayer open beta has just begun, and the Sony machine has been plugging away to make sure Killzone is on gamers' radars. It seems Sony is taking their Killzone appreciation to a new level by giving it its very own PlayStation 3 bundle.

Amazon France has a page dedicated to a heretofore unannounced Killzone 3 PS3 bundle that seems to include the now standard slim 320 gigabyte console. The bundle is currently listed for 348.38 euros, which converts to around $475, much too steep considering the not-so-recent price drop for the PS3.

The price will hopefully change once the bundle is officially announced for international release.

We won't have to wait too long though, because according to the listing, the release date for the bundle is February 23, 2011 - one day after the release of Killzone 3.

It makes a lot of sense for Sony to get behind this series in such a big way, because the Killzone titles never seem to get quite as much recognition as their competition. Aside from all new levels of integration with PlayStation Home, the developers have really done their best to make one to remember.

The game is not only getting some major hand-to-hand combat tweaks, but looks poised to make the most of the PS3's tech with 3D compatibility.  Hopefully Killzone 3 will live up to its hype and deliver a fresh and exciting FPS experience. Until then, we will keep our eyes open for an official press release regarding the bundle.

Anyone without a PS3 planning on waiting a few weeks for this bundle? Or is Killzone 3 really a console seller for you Ranters?

Killzone 3 will be out exclusively for the PS3 on February 22, 2011.

Source: Amazon France

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