Mech Suits, Jetpacks, and Turrets, Oh My! Killzone 3 Multiplayer Trailer Released

Killzone 3

When Killzone 3 was revealed to be taking the FPS to the next dimension, many felt the game was going to be a big step forward for single player narrative. Now it looks like developer Guerrilla Games isn’t setting their sights on only creating a revolutionary single player experience but is planning on bringing gamers an equally compelling multiplayer experience.

Released prior to their press conference at Games-Com, this new trailer showcases some of the new machinery gamers will use to inflict some pain upon the Helghast.

This multiplayer level, titled Corinth Highway, is situated just outside of Pyrrhus, the recently nuked city from Killzone 2 and will be one of the many settings players will get to test out the new toys. To go along with new multiplayer maps, Guerrilla Games has promised two new game modes, improved matchmaking, vehicles, brutal melee kills, and more ranks, abilities, and rewards.

As someone who was more involved in the multiplayer than the campaign, I can say that this trailer makes me both excited and worried. One of Killzone 2’s major downfalls in the multiplayer arena was the new set of classes players could take on. Once I achieved a certain level I ended up in rooms filled with drones and sentry guns killing me before I could even take ten steps. I learned to work around them eventually but for the more casual gamer this definitely seemed like a barrier to entry.

Seeing the ability to operate a “mech suit” in the multiplayer feels like a pitch perfect proposition unless each match’s start consists of a race to pick up the mech suit and an instant set of kills. My hope is that Guerilla is able to balance the new additions with the classes from the previous game and make a less frustrating online experience. You and I will get our first taste when the beta becomes available for members of the Killzone community.

At this past E3, Game Rant was able to get their hands on some of the single player Killzone 3 had to offer and it was less than impressive. The jetpack wasn’t the utterly awesome experience we all hoped it would be but we are still months away from the game’s release leaving the potential for improvement.

Players will finally get to dust off those goofy glasses when Killzone 3 is released February 2011 on the PS3.

So Ranters, does this trailer get you excited for some Killzone multiplayer or were you already turned off by the game’s predecessor?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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