First 'Killzone 3' Multiplayer Patch Detailed, Responds to Beta Complaints

Killzone 3 First Multiplayer Patch

With the Killzone 3 open beta now officially closed, it was time for Guerrilla Games to evaluate all of the issues gamers experienced and try to improve them. Though there is no release date included, the developer has detailed what issues they are working on for a soon to be released patch.

While it did demonstrate that the core experience of Killzone has been improved, the beta was not without its faults. Hoping to keep the multiplayer experience evolving, Guerrilla has put together a list of the most common complaints from gamers and, from there, created a patch that will fix those issues as well as some others.

Most of these fixes are meant to streamline the multiplayer for the gamer — reducing cool down times, eliminating clipping issues, allowing players to find matches faster — while others will go unnoticed but will add little tweaks here and there.

For the complete list of what players requested be fixed followed by what will be in the soon to be released patch, see below:

  • A fix to the "Your Faction Has Won/Lost" issue, along with all oddities that resulted from this occurring
  • An issue that allowed more than two clans to join a clan match will be fixed
  • Increased Accuracy, Bullet Damage and Faster Reload Ribbons will update correctly on personal statistics screens
  • We've simplified the process to invite players into your game (just one button press)
  • The radius of the Marksman's Scramble++ has been lowered
  • Medic's Revive distance increased and cooldown to re-use is decreased
  • No collision on mortally wounded player bodies
  • Increased player stamina
  • An icon will be shown in the menu when you have a Killzone 3 message in your inbox

Shortly after the game's release, you'll also see these changes patched in:

  • Support for color-blind players
  • Implement unranked custom games for players to create private or clan matches
  • Enhanced custom games functionality that will allow players to:
    • Control over games modes and settings
    • Secure games, allowing you to invite the players you want to play with
    • The ability to prevent abilities and weapons from being used
    • Toggling on and off functionality, such as ribbons, skills, explosives, etc.
    • Selecting which careers you want available to players
    • Allow friendly fire to be turned on or off
    • Faction switching enabled or disabled

    As part of the beta, players were able to experience a brief taste of the maps and modes available in Killzone 3, but what they were really looking for was just how much of an improvement developer Guerrilla Games made to the controls.

    In Killzone 2, a lot of the great qualities in the game were squandered away by an inability to accurately aim one’s character. Add on top of that a competitive multiplayer experience and Killzone 2 ended up with a recipe for frustration.

    Thankfully, Guerrilla heard gamers' frustrations and took to the ground running with an experience that would do everything it could to be bigger and better than its predecessor. Getting to experience the beta itself has shown that Guerrilla has made tremendous improvements both to the control lag and the way in which multiplayer is structured. If this patch were to hit as soon as the game launches, it would make an already polished multiplayer experience that much better.

    Set to release in only five more days, players who were unable to participate in the beta will get their chance to check out Killzone 3 and see just how far the series has come. As always, stay tuned to Game Rant for the official release date for the patch.

    Killzone 3 releases February 22, 2011, exclusively for the PS3.

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