Killzone 3 Beta Site Launched

Killzone 3 Beta Website

Following in the tradition of Killzone 2, Guerilla Games' first person shooter franchise will offer a Killzone 3 multiplayer beta as well. Viewable through the Killzone 2 Community Website, an option appears for a Killzone 3 beta, although it is inaccessible to the public at this point of time.

Judging how this function is available to see through PSN, it's a good indicator that a public multiplayer beta will be offered to the public, prior to the launch of the title, which will be in February 2011.

The single player portion of the game has been shown, including our own hands-on with the game, but not much has been seen of the multiplayer. I would like to see the kill-animations (shown in this gameplay) available in the multiplayer, seeing how Halo: Reach will also be including a similar mechanic. Multiplayer in Killzone 2, while it had a slightly rough learning curve, turned out to be a very fun online experience and judging from the gameplay from Killzone 3 already shown, it looks to be like an equally awesome time. Couple that with 3D capabilities for the title, the online will look stunning for sure.

No doubt Guerilla Games will be making an announcement regarding the Killzone 3 beta soon with Gamerscom around the corner and with this kind of proof available, there's no doubt that PS3 owners will be able to get their hands on the online action. Whenever the beta comes out, that is.

Killzone 3 will be taking the fight to Helghan in February 2011 exclusively for PS3.

Source: Iron Star Movement

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