'Killzone 3' Multiplayer Beta Incoming Oct. 25th

Killzone 3 PlayStation Plus Multiplayer Beta October 25

As was hinted at, leaked, or teased back in August, a Killzone 3 beta is incoming and it hits this month -- October 25th actually. The public beta, however, is not for everyone and access is limited. If you want in, you need to meet certain requirements and do the right things before October 25th gets here.

So with the 25th just around the corner, enough wasting time, here is what you need to do to have a chance at getting into the beta:

  • Be(come) a Plus subscriber
  • With the exception of a handful of key media partners and selected PAX feedback participants, access to the Killzone 3 Public Beta Trial is limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers. If you’re not enjoying the many benefits of Plus membership yet, now’s the time to sign up!
  • Download the theme
  • On October 19th, an exclusive Killzone 3 XMB Theme will appear in the Plus section of the PlayStation Store. The first 10,000 Plus subscribers to download this theme (5,000 SCEA Plus subscribers and5,000 SCEE Plus subscribers) will receive access to the Public Beta Trial.
  • Check your email
  • After you’ve downloaded the Killzone3 XMB Theme, you will receive an email on Oct. 25th containing the Public Beta Trial promotion code and further instructions through the address you registered as your PSN Sign-In ID. Make sure you’ve set your notification preferences to accept emails from SCE, or we won’t be able to contact you.

I am pretty excited about Guerrilla Games' next installment in the Killzone franchise. Sure, the original was over-hyped and under-delivered, and yes, Killzone 2 had the whole E3 pre-rendered trailer controversy, but when push came to shove I thought Killzone 2 delivered on so many levels. When it launched, the graphics were amazing and the multiplayer was unique and actually added value to the game, being a core piece of the experience and not just some added mode or bullet point on the back of the box.

And now Killzone 3 is looking to raise the bar again, dropping players in some gorgeous snowy environments, and adding some mech suit, jetpack, and turret action too. I have to admit, I think the game looks good. And while I would love to play the beta, I am not a PlayStation Plus subscriber, nor do I plan on becoming one for the chance to possibly be included in a limited access beta.

While I know PlayStation Plus does provide all of its subscribers with some freebies and discounts, etc., I do not like the trend of requiring someone to be a subscriber just so they have a chance to get into a demo or beta. If I was paying money to be a Plus subscriber I would want actual benefits and I do not view the possibility to be included in something as a true benefit. But maybe I am alone on that.

What do you Ranters think? Do you think the Killzone 3 limited-access beta is an example of value added for PlayStation Plus subscribers? Are you excited about Killzone 3? Let us know in the comments below.

Killzone 3 launches in full on February 22, 2011 for the PlayStation 3.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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