'Killzone 3' Limited Edition and Pre-Order Details

Killzone 3 Limited Edition and Pre-Order Details

Early next year gamers are going to be able to get their hands on the graphical PS3 powerhouse Killzone 3 with the added bonus of, if possible, experiencing it in 3D. In order to sweeten the pot for gamers looking to pick up the game ahead of time, Sony just announced a wide range of preorder bonuses to coincide with the reveal of a Limited Helghast Edition.

For those looking to go all out the Helghast Edition of Killzone 3 will be releasing with the most bangs for your buck. Included with a Helghast replica helmet, which doubles as storage for the game and art book, will be a Marksman figurine created by DC Comics, behind-the-scenes videos of Guerrilla Games at work on the game's development, and a super voucher that unlocks a few items.

Once the player puts in the super voucher code they will have access to the Killzone 3 soundtrack, a PS3 dynamic theme, and a retro map pack that features two of Killzone 2’s more popular maps. Early preorders will also experience 24 hours of double XP once they sign in to the multiplayer as well as use of any weapons or abilities for their first 24 hours.

While other retailers have preorder bonuses that make use of some combination of the super voucher’s goodies (usually the retro map pack and 24 access to XP and abilities) if you are looking to go all out for Killzone 3, the Limited Edition is the way to go. Multiplayer, if the beta is any indication, rewards those who hit the XP hard and fast, making a 24 head start more important than ever. If the decision to save money for a 3D TV has caused some trepidation in picking up the $129.99 Limited edition, choose wisely with your preorder retailer.

After getting some hands-on with the multiplayer beta, who is planning on picking up the Limited Edition of Killzone 3 complete with replica Helghast helmet?

Killzone 3 releases February 22nd for the PlayStation 3.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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