'Killzone 3' Trailer Introduces the Engineer Career

Killzone 3 Engineer Career Trailer

The various careers available in Killzone 3's multiplayer help set the game apart from the competition. By selecting which type of career to devote the most time to, gamers can influence the way in which they approach the entire multiplayer experience.

To get players better acquainted with the careers that will be offered in Killzone 3, Sony has released the first of five informative videos that feature developer Guerrilla Games' commentary on the various careers. This first video gives players the rundown on the Engineer career.

The Engineer’s greatest strength is its ability to assist the team via a repair tool. With the repair tool, the player can resurrect destroyed ammo crates and even turn enemy turrets against their own team. Basically, the Engineer is working more in service of the team via the repair tool, rather than by eliminating enemies -- although they can do that, too.

Weapon-wise, the engineer has a vast variety of weapons to choose from, with the primary options ranging from a short range SMG to a much longer range set of weapons. It is in the pistol offering that the engineer has access to some really fun tools.

Aside from the standard semi-automatic pistol, players who feel inclined to assign their hard-earned unlock points towards them will have access to a shotgun pistol that is very deadly at close range, and a pistol that launches a grenade that bounces off of walls and will explode upon impact with any enemy player.

After experiencing the Killzone 3 beta, it is safe to say that deciding which career to devote time and unlock points to will be a tough choice. With each one comes some pros and some cons, each catering to a different play style. While the Engineer class is more for the “people pleaser” gamer, there are classes (like the Scout) that are simply about going rogue, turning invisible, and picking off wandering enemies with your sniper rifle.

Though the next entry in the career introduction video series should release tomorrow, so does Killzone 3. For those looking to get a more in your face look at the Engineer class in action, we suggest you pick the game up.

What do you think of the Engineer career? Does it appeal to your multiplayer sensibilities? If not, how do you hope to approach the Killzone 3 multiplayer?

Killzone 3 releases February 22, 2011, for the PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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