'Killzone 3' Corrects Latency Issues from Previous Game

Killzone 3 Controller Lag Tested

Killzone 3 isn’t releasing for a couple more months but one question on multiplayer fans' minds is whether or not a certain nagging issue present in the previous game has been fixed this time around: controller lag. In Killzone 2, gamers noted problems with the game recognizing their button presses in a timely manner and not always feeling like their analog controls were directing their character. Using the newly released beta, some brave experimenters sought to find out if this lag exists in Killzone 3.

While it might not seem like a drastic improvement, the folks over at Digital Foundry were able to tabulate that the input lag in Killzone 3 has improved by 16 milliseconds, making a much more responsive multiplayer experience. Obviously, with only early code from the game’s beta in experimenters’ hands there is potential for this lag to be worked upon even further. Having experienced the beta myself (read our impressions), I can say that the lag never was an issue for me, but that doesn’t mean the beta isn't without problems.

When Killzone 2 was released, there was a lot to like in the multiplayer. Guerrilla Games was able to put together an experience that was unlike anything being done with many of the other First Person Shooters at the time. Having class specific abilities added a new dynamic to the game that kept it interesting as long as you had the responsiveness of your controller working in your favor. Since the lag was such a burden many ended up putting the game away and never came back.

It's unfortunate that this lag caused such a barrier to entry for gamers to the point that they ended up never picking up a game with a refreshing multiplayer experience. Those who have been playing through the beta are doing all they can to make the lag’s removal known in hopes of increasing the game's longevity in the online realm.

Was the lag present in Killzone 2 what kept you from playing the game’s multiplayer? Since it has been improved would you be willing to give Killzone 3 a chance?

Killzone 3 releases February 22nd for the PS3.

Source: Digital Foundry

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