Gamers may remember the E3 2005 Killzone 2 trailer, which amazed fans with what the PlayStation 3 was capable of accomplishing. Although a PlayStation Rep stated that the Killzone 2 trailer was in-game footage of a PlayStation 3, it has recently been confirmed that it was only a concept trailer and not actual representation.

NoClip, which is a crowdfunded studio that looks at the behind-the-scenes development of games, confirmed this detail during a documentary on Horizon: Zero Dawn (which recently received a complete edition). As NoClip discussed not only the development of the game but also the evolution of the studio, Guerrilla Games executive producer Angie Smets revealed that Killzone 2 had originally been planned for the PlayStation 2. However, the concept trailer that was shown represents the vision the developers had for Killzone 2 and was not in-game footage as many had thought and been told.

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Guerrilla never addressed the fact because it did not believe fans would believe that it was real-time footage, yet time shows this was not the case. Smets even revealed that “we had only rendered a triangle by that point.” Considering Killzone 2 did not release until 2009, Smets’ reveal may be entirely believable. The trailer is no longer viewable anymore, as Sony had removed it since then, yet Smets believes the confusion was good as it proved to Guerilla Games that it had high expectations to meet.

The controversy over this trailer may have long been laid to rest, but it is nice to have confirmation concerning the issue. Guerrilla Games has moved on since then, with a number of Horizon: Zero Dawn developers jumping to Hanger 13’s newest project. While the Killzone series may always be many fans’ favorite, Guerilla Games’ branching out has proven to be a good thing.

The last Killzone game launched four years ago in the form of Killzone: Shadow Fall, and since then, managing director Hermen Hulst revealed that the company was not focused yet on another Killzone game because of Horizon: Zero Dawn. As such, not much is known concerning the future of the Killzone series; however, it seems likely Sony will be careful revealing what trailers are an actual representation and which aren’t.

Killzone 2 is available now for PS3.

Source: Game Informer