President of Tripware Interactive John Gibson talks about some of the new developments that are making their way to Killing Floor 2 in the nearby future.

During the recent PC Gamer’s Weekender event, President of Tripware Interactive John Gibson has revealed some of the plans for the future of the company’s zombie-themed FPS Killing Floor 2.

One of the largest new additions to the second title in the Killing Floor franchise is a brand-new humans versus Zeds PvP game mode that allows players to play as the undead against Horzine mercenaries. Gamers on the Zeds’ team can play as a range of various different specimens, each with their own special abilities.

Crawlers can leap around the map, Slashers can fly high through the air, Stalkers can turn invisible, and Clots can rally other Zeds, providing them with a temporary buff. Reportedly, both the Hans and the Patriarch will also be playable.

During the event, Gibson also revealed the remaining Sharpshooter weapons that will become available in the next major update. Players who enjoy using long-range weapons will be pleased to hear that the M14EBR from the first game will be coming to Killing Floor 2, alongside a new 4th tier Horzine Tech Railgun. Other weapons that were previously revealed as part of the Sharpshooter class include the lever-action rifle and crossbow.

Killing Floor 2 Paris

Also coming soon to the zombie FPS are 2 new maps from the winners of Tripware’s mapping contest. Hostile Grounds will play like a regular Killing Floor map where the player will be forced to defend themselves against waves of Zeds before facing off against the level’s boss. Containment Station, on the other hand, is an objective map where the humans must defend certain strategic points and find hidden objectives. This is the first map with objectives since the original Killing Floor, which will help to add some variation to the game.

While the game’s multiplayer is still fairly popular, last year some players got upset at Tripware Interactive’s changes to the end user license agreement that meant that players could be banned permanently from Killing Floor 2. Evidently it was not the change that everyone was hoping for as one persistent fan campaigned for the larger bloat Zeds to get their nipple rings back from the previous game. In the end, the nipple ring campaign ended in failure, despite hundreds of votes, including 5 votes from actual Tripware employees.

Whilst there is no release date set for the new update, Killing Floor 2 is available now for Microsoft Windows, and Linux, with a PS4 port coming out later this year.

Source: Destructoid