No more than a few days ago, developer Tripwire Interactive officially announced that its zombie-filled first-person action game Killing Floor 2 would make its way to Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Set to launch on August 29, the forthcoming release was initially said to come bundled with a few previously released content packs and boast a slew of visual enhancements. Now, it’s been confirmed that Killing Floor 2 won’t run at a native 4K resolution on the Xbox One X. Instead, it’ll clock in at 1800p.

When Tripwire first announced that Killing Floor 2 would launch on the Xbox One, the developer stated that it had been working on Xbox One X-exclusive enhancements, the most prominent of which was 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) support. Since many gamers have seen 4K support across a wide range of console titles with both Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro and the Microsoft system in question, insiders at Wccftech reached out to Tripwire for some follow-up information.

killing floor 2 xbox one resolution

Dave Elder, Senior Graphics Programmer on Killing Floor 2, confirmed that the game delivers 1800p resolution on Xbox One X, as opposed to the native 4K that was first discussed.

“Xbox One X was a very smooth and easy platform to develop for. It took very little engineering effort to get our base Xbox One game running on the Xbox One X. It took maybe four hours of programming effort total,” Elder stated. “Killing Floor 2 runs at native 1800p, fixed resolution (no checkerboarding) on Xbox One X. We did experiment with true 4k rendering, but the frame rate drop was a bit too significant. 1800p provides the optimal balance between visual quality and performance in Killing Floor 2… the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions of Killing Floor 2 both run at 1800p but the Pro version uses checkerboarding, where as the Xbox One X version does not.”

Elder then explained that Tripwire and the Killing Floor 2 team doesn’t have a set frame-rate target for the title on the Xbox One X, but the game “does run at higher frame rates than the base Xbox One, even at 1800p resolution.”

killing floor 2 xbox one x resolution

Killing Floor 2 may not offer up native 4K resolution on the Xbox One X, but it will utilize Ultra textures and increased resolution in shadow maps and shadow draw distance. Additionally, when the title is launched for the Xbox One, players can have a go at the new cosmetic items and game modes in the Tropical Bash, Decent, and Summer Sideshow content packs. Perhaps these peripheral perks will be enough to balance out Killing Floor 2‘s lower overall resolution.

Killing Floor 2 will be available on Xbox One on August 29, and on the Xbox One X when the console launches on November 7.

Source: Wccftech