Golem is Next Fighter to Join 'Killer Instinct' Season 2

Killer Instinct Season 2 Golem


As the second season of Killer Instinct progresses, fans are slowly learning which fighters will be making an appearance within the ever-growing fighting game. The latest combatant that'll be suiting up is Omen, a disgruntled employee of the villainous Gargos, but the latest trailer featuring this demonic nemesis simultaneously showcases the impending fighter and teases the next sequential combatant that'll joining the fray. Fight fans, brace yourselves for the inevitable arrival of a new behemoth known as Golem.

While Omen has his moveset firmly based on existing fighters like Jago and Shadow Jago, Golem is a brand new character with a unique arsenal of attacks. This makes his now impending arrival all the more exciting, but one of the obvious reasons to become excited by the mobile rock monster is his immense size. Going by the few brief glimpses of the character that were given in the trailer, it's not a stretch to say that he will be the largest playable fighter in the series.

Taking to Twitter, Microsoft Studios Creative Director Adam Isgreen revealed that the new brawler that makes his Killer Instinct debut at the 1:47 mark is named Golem. No further details were given about the sizeable entrant, but at least gamers now have a name for the still mysterious character.

Killer Instinct Season 2 Golem

Other than giving a tease of the character's immense scale, there's still quite a bit that Iron Galaxy Studios has yet to say about Golem. Aside from the fact that he's comprised of an intricate mixture of boulders, metal and plant life, the origins of the newcomer should make for an interesting addition the the series' surprisingly deep lore.

Omen, the character featured throughout the majority of this video, will be made available on January 30, 2015 to those that own the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct Season 2 – with a February 5, 2015 release scheduled for everyone else. Meanwhile, Golem is still without any date of arrival, but Microsoft and Iron Galaxy will undoubtedly have more news in the very near future.

Even if Omen is a semi-clone fighter, it's hard to forget about the cybernetic dino Riptor, which only just joined the roster last month.

Are you looking forward to Omen? Do you think Golem will make for a fun addition to Killer Instinct? Get at us in the comments.


Source: Adam Isgreen – Twitter

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