Massive Golem Aganos Rolls into 'Killer Instinct' Season 2

Slowly, but surely, the roster of Killer Instinct has been growing, giving longtime fans of the franchise something to continuously look forward to. After the free-to-play fighter launched alongside the Xbox One, many were skeptical that the sales model wouldn't hold up, but gamers have been far from let down by the continuous unloading of new content thus far. To keep the game going, Microsoft and Iron Galaxy Studios have released an official trailer for the next playable combatant joining the fight title – Aganos.

The rock giant had previously been teased in Omen's trailer, which made the newcomer appear to be all the more menacing. Still, fans were immediately intrigued by the girth of the golem, which made waiting for a more substantial reveal all the more challenging. As the newly released trailer showcases, however, the forthcoming roster addition appears to be worth the wait.

Easily towering over many of the other fighters featured on the Killer Instinct roster, Aganos looks like he'll utilize his unrivalled scale and weight to his advantage when he tees off on unsuspecting mainstays like Riptor and Jago. With the ability to seemingly absorb blows while winding up for an attack, players may have to take a different approach to dispatch the rock monster whenever he crosses their path. Still, we believe that the philosophy of "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" will very much be in play.

Killer Instinct Season 2 Aganos Trailer

To accompany the formal reveal trailer, developer Iron Galaxy Studios also gave fans a date to mark on their calendars for Aganos' imminent arrival. Consumers currently enjoying the fruits of the Combo Break Edition of Killer Instinct's second season can look forward to adding the newcomer on Feb 27th, 2015, while standard Combo Breaker Edition owners can expect the DLC to hit on March 5th, 2015.

Of course, it wouldn't be a legitimate KI trailer if it didn't give fans a brief tease in regards to the next combatant that'll be joining the game. Those that stick around until the end of the trailer will be able to watch a teaser for a new female fighter that looks like she's some sort of undead blade-wielder. If we were to fathom a guess, we'd say she looks to be from Japan based on her attire and The Ring-esque appearance, but there's no denying the impact that her massive dagger could have on anyone (or thing) that gets in her way.

What do you think about Aganos joining Killer Instinct? Are you excited for the new fighter teased at the end of the latest trailer?

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