Riptor Mauls the Competition in Latest 'Killer Instinct' Trailer

Killer Instinct Riptor Trailer


While fighting game fans that own an Xbox One will be missing out on Street Fighter V, as it's a console exclusive on PlayStation 4, there's still a ton of support for the ever-growing Killer Instinct. Marketed as a free-to-play fighting game, there's no question that the title has grown since its debut on Microsoft's platform, but there are a handful of fighters that longtime fans of the series are still waiting on.

While Cinder aficionados will still have to wait, fans of the ruthless and prehistoric Riptor are very close to getting their hands on the beloved dinosaur. Iron Galaxy Studios, the developer currently working on the second season of content for Killer Instinct, previously released artwork of the returning veteran which showcased a different look that made the fighter less of a human/raptor hybrid and more of a retooled raptor that's been equipped to dismantle even the most skilled adversaries.

The shady corporation found within the game's lore, Ultratech, is once again behind Riptor's reemergence, but the company has taken the necessary precautions to ensure that this iteration of the once extinct predator won't go haywire. As another military initiative that can stand proudly alongside the likes of Fulgore, Ultratech has some very devious plans underway to ensure that it remains ahead of the game – with the Cinder initiative standing as a lofty goal for further down the road.

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Stepping outside the mythos of Killer Instinct, the new trailer showcasing Riptor is very well done. Giving ample demonstration of the beast in action, it's clear from the in-game footage that Iron Galaxy Studios has managed to breath new life into the character. Spewing fire, mauling opponents or using her newfound cybernetic tail, the upcoming addition to the game's roster is easily one of the coolest seen thus far.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Killer Instinct trailer if a new character wasn't at least teased – cue the return of Gargos. Originally debuting as the final antagonist in Killer Instinct 2, Gargos is a demonic boss that had no issue with pummelling gamers into oblivion. From the sound of the little teaser at the end, however, this new combatant won't be the aforementioned gargoyle-inspired fighter, but is instead the "herald of Gargos." This implies that the unseen challenger is working for the evildoer and is acting as a sign of the impending danger that is yet to come. Sounds good to us!

Do you think Riptor is looking like a fine addition to the roster? Are you ready for the return of Gargos? Get at us in the comments below.


Riptor will be arriving in Killer Instinct on December 17, 2014 for Ultra Season Pass owners and December 23, 2014 for everyone else.

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