Battletoads' Rash Joins the Roster of Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct Battletoad Rash Character

It seems that more now than ever, Microsoft has begun utilizing the vast library of Rare IP it has been sitting on for years. After resurrecting the Killer Instinct series for the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft has continued to bring back certain properties from throughout the developer's long and illustrious history to appease fans that have been waiting on new installments in some of their favorite gaming franchises.

Now it seems like even more classic Rare characters will be making a return, albeit not in a form that many may have expected. Announced during Microsoft's Gamescom presentation, none other than Battletoads' Rash will be making a guest appearance in the aforementioned fight title Killer Instinct as a playable character.

While many fans are sure to be excited by the newest addition to the roster, it should be noted that Rash's inclusion is only for a limited time, as the team at Iron Galaxy Studios is just hoping to test out the fighter before a more formal release next year. Of course, not just anyone will be able to access the wart-covered combatant, as players will have to prove their Rare fandom in order to try him out.

This can be done by owning at least one piece of purchased Killer Instinct content, or players must have earned the achievement “Do You Have Battletoads?” from the recently released Rare Replay. Earning that achievement is as simple as starting up Battletoads within the collection, so it's not all that challenging for diehard fight fans to get their hands on the amphibian hero.

Microsoft Trademarks Battletoads

Rash is set to be part of the third season for the constantly growing fighting game, and that set of content is confirmed to officially kick off in March 2016. While that's still a ways off, fans can try out Rash beginning today and going through to September 8, 2015 at 12 A.M. PDT. After which point, the Battletoad character will go back into development until his official release next year.

One of the biggest questions that fans are sure to have about this deal is whether or not more Rare characters will follow suit, and it certainly seems possible. That being said, Rash seems to fit the zany nature of Killer Instinct's over-the-top attacks and Ultra Combo system better than any other Rare character. Still, fans are sure to speculate in the build up to Season 3.

What do you think of Rash being added to Killer Instinct? Which other Rare characters would you like to see join the roster? Get at us in the comments.

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