Iron Galaxy Studios is now conducting a poll to see which characters fans are interested in seeing in Killer Instinct, with several interesting options!

Now that Killer Instinct fans are aware that General Raam is on the way, it’s clear that Iron Galaxy Studios is already looking ahead to the next season. On the game’s official website, the studio has now put forth a poll asking fans who they’d like to see added to the roster next out of nine possible options, and represented among those choices are characters from three different intellectual properties, along with plenty of new original ideas for combatants in the next season of Killer Instinct.

Among the polled characters is a Crackdown agent, so those disappointed about the game’s recent delay might have something to look forward to in 2016 after all. There’s also Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark, followed by the second opportunity for the Halo franchise to make an appearance via a Halo brute, who is under consideration to potentially face off against the already-existing Arbiter. Of course, there are plenty of other options unrelated to existing IPs that fans can voice their opinions on as well.

Gamers curious to see who Iron Galaxy is considering for the next season of roster additions can take a look below:

Killer Instinct Character Options

As nice as it is to import characters from classic franchises, we have to say that the idea of fighting a wendigo or some Lovecraftian horror aren’t without their own merits, too. It’s also nice to see Eyedol making a potential return to the roster, especially since Gargos has already returned.

There’s no guarantee that any of the proposed characters will make be released in the next season of Killer Instinct, but the fact that the Iron Galaxy is looking to branch out to a few more intellectual properties is certainly exciting. The studio still has yet to adopt any third party characters into its roster, despite an evident interest from both Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon and Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer.

We’ve discussed the potential for Killer Instinct to evolve beyond the spiritual successor it started out as, and shape itself into Microsoft’s version of Super Smash Brothers. As more news about the franchise is released, it looks like this evolution is currently taking place: while it’s still Microsoft-owned entities making appearance for now, it’s clear the studio is branching closer to bringing in outside characters, much like Nintendo did with Solid Snake and Sonic.

Those interested in taking the survey themselves can do so here.

Who would you like to see make an appearance in Killer Instinct, Ranters?

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