Xbox boss Phil Spencer says he ‘loves’ the idea of a Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct crossover, further fueling interest from fans that the two fighting games might mashup.

NetherRealm Studios’ head Ed Boon has never been one to shy away from teasers. Whether it’s new fighters for Mortal Kombat, the imminent announcement of Injustice 2, or even something as outlandish as a MK and Killer Instinct crossover, the developer knows what gets the fans going.

However, with that last tease Boon seems to have struck a very significant chord. Granted, there is no Mortal Kombat/Killer Instinct crossover in the works, but just the thought of such a game, and the fact that Boon has actually considered the logistics of it, has riled up the fan base. And now, Xbox head Phil Spencer is getting in on the action.

Responding to Boon’s tweet about the MK/KI crossover needing to be an Xbox exclusive, Spencer responding by saying, “Love this idea.” Again, that’s not an outright confirmation that any type of fighting game crossover is in the works, but it at least puts some awareness on the other side of the table. Now both the company behind Mortal Kombat and the company behind Killer Instinct are aware of the interest in a crossover, and are free to do with that information what they will.

@noobde Love this idea...— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) June 20, 2016

With both Ed Boon and Phil Spencer presumably on board with the idea of a Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct crossover it will be interesting to see if anything comes of the off-hand idea. At the moment, NetherRealm is busy finishing off development on Injustice 2, but the Killer Instinct franchise is just finishing up work on its third season of character releases. Just last week, KI confirmed that General RAAM would be joining the roster, presumably to close out season 3. So, at least on the Killer Instinct side of things, the developers are free.

The other question regarding this potential Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct crossover is what type of gameplay it will offer. Both MK and KI are fighting games, but they feature some pretty different options when it comes to the genre. The only real through line between the two is that both relish in the outlandish combos – Killer Instinct more so than Mortal Kombat.

Also, what type of art style would such a crossover feature? Both are very good looking games, but one is very bloody and the other is slightly more cartoon-y.

If one day this crossover idea does come to fruition then these questions will likely be answered, but for now it’s important to file Mortal Kombat vs. Killer Instinct in the pipe dream category.

Source: Phil Spencer – Twitter