The latest trailer for the third season of Killer Instinct confirms the return of Kim Wu, and teases the addition of Halo‘s Arbiter to the fighting game’s roster.

As the once-exclusive fighting title for the Xbox One, Killer Instinct has done a splendid job at keeping fans engrossed with a continued onslaught of additional content. The game’s developer, Iron Galaxy Studios, currently has plans to roll out a third season loaded with new fighters and stages, but it has kept rather mum outside of the previous announcement that Rash from Battletoads would be joining the fray as a guest character.

That all changed during the Killer Instinct World Cup in San Antonio, Texas, however, where it was confirmed that Kim Wu (a veteran fighter that debuted in Killer Instinct 2) would once again be returning to the series after being M.I.A. for the first two seasons. While the nunchuck-wielding competitor was a nice nod to the franchise’s past for many longtime fans, the biggest news came tacked on the end of her reveal trailer, where it was teased that none other than Halo‘s Arbiter will be the next character added to the roster.

Given how picky Microsoft has been with contributing characters of note from the Halo universe to outside games, this apparent addition comes as a little bit of a surprise. That said, it’s far from a poor decision as it allows fans from both series to see how Arbiter would stack up against the likes of Riptor and other KI mainstays.

The most enticing aspect about this tease is the fact that the flood gates have now been blown wide open to seeing even more guest combatants added to the game. We’ve compiled a list of five fighters we’d like to see join Killer Instinct in the past, and the chances of seeing their inclusion become a reality are looking more and more likely now that mascots outside of developer Rare’s archive are able to get in on the high-octane fisticuffs.

At this point, it’s known that the Killer Instinct veteran Tusk will be added in due time, with the return of the villainous Gargos being laid out as an inevitability. Taking into account the fact that there have traditionally been nine new fighters with every season, there should still be four more warriors that aren’t yet known. Keeping that in mind, it’ll be interesting to see how many more of them are newcomers from other intellectual properties.

What do you think of Arbiter potentially joining Killer Instinct? What other characters should be added? Get at us in the comments.

Killer Instinct Season 3 is set to begin on both Xbox One and PC in March 2016.