At the Microsoft E3 2016 press conference, a new trailer for Killer Instinct reveals that the next combatant joining the roster is Gears of War villain General RAAM.

Microsoft kicked off E3 2016 in style with a number of new hardware reveals like the Xbox Slim S, and a variety of games coming throughout 2016 and into 2017. One of the many reveals came from the popular fighting game, Killer Instinct, as the team at Iron Galaxy revealed a trailer for the next combatant joining the roster. It’s fitting then that the reveal came after the lengthy Gears of War 4 demo, as the new character turned out to be none other than General RAAM.

The trailer opened with a shot of franchise character Jago at his familiar shrine level, as he is approached from behind by a large figure as the familiar tune from Gears of War starts to ramp up. The figured turned out to be General RAAM, surrounded by his bird like Kryll, which allows him to brush off a fireball from Jago. His knife charge ended in a familiar recreation of a famous death scene from the first Gears of War, as RAAM picked up Jago by his neck and finished him off with a brutal knife stab.

In a bigger surprise, the trailer also revealed that General RAAM is available for PC and Xbox One Killer Instinct players starting today, playable for the entire week for free. While not specifically stated, it’s presumed that after E3 week, the character will go back behind a paywall for non Ultra Edition owners, at the usual price points for individual character purchases.

The reveal may have lost some of its impact however as a leaked document that found it’s way to the NeoGAF forums revealed that the Gears of War villain would be joining the roster this season. The leak proved to be accurate as the other character it outed, the vampire Mira, arrived a couple months ago. The leak also mentioned the Shadow Lords mode, which has been confirmed by Microsoft and Iron Galaxy but the finer details have not yet been shared.

Season three of Killer Instinct has been no stranger to guest characters as Rash from the Battletoads franchise was first introduced last year for players to try during a beta testing period. The character was then made available on day one when season three arrived and was later joined by the Arbiter who Halo fans will instantly recognize thanks to his appearance in many of the Halo games in the franchise.

Who else would you like to see added to the rapidly expanding Killer Instinct roster? Let us hear your ideas down in the comments.

Killer Instinct Season Three is available now on Xbox One and Windows 10. General RAAM

Source: Killer Instinct Trailer