The demon warlord Gargos is now available in the Killer Instinct Season 3 roster, allowing gamers to assume the role of the franchise’s main antagonist.

It’s been a long time coming, but the main antagonist of Killer Instinct, the demonic warlord Gargos, has finally been included in the game’s roster. Ditching his iconic red skin for a more modern look, the Shadow Lord is one of the last existing roster characters from the old Killer Instinct titles to find his way to the series reboot.

The fiery character arrives in tandem with the 3.1.5 patch, which addresses several balance issues, and a few wayward bugs. In the trailer below, gamers can take a look at the muscular winged fighter, who reveals his backstory and begins the invasion to end all invasions. A self-proclaimed God, The Shadow Lord is one of the most significant roster additions to date, and brings a nice amount of named irony to his inclusion in the newer Shadow Labs feature.

Gargos had actually been shown off a month prior by developer Iron Galaxy, who let livestream viewers get a good glimpse of the character in action during a half-hour long streaming session. The warlord was initially confirmed during the Season 3 launch trailer, alongside other series veterans like Kim Wu.

Here’s a look at the Gargos trailer, which notably has a thumbnail image depicting what may be a new Sky Stage:

It looks like Gears of War‘s own General Raam will be joining the fray at some point, after having been leaked several months ago. The roster addition follows several other guest characters from popular Microsoft-based series, like Arbiter from the Halo franchise and even Rash from Battletoad. The previous releases have done a great job blending in to the Killer Instinct roster, and we have a feeling General Raam will do the same amidst the likes of Gargos and Riptor.

The official website for the game says that an elephant-in-the-room character announcement is poised for June, when a brand new fighter will be fully revealed. Unlike the long-awaited inclusion of Gargos, June and July’s new characters will receive no teaser videos or hints, so it looks like gamers will kept in the dark until those characters are added – though one may have been leaked already, in the form of the aforementioned Locust General. If the trend of Microsoft tie-ins continues, we’ve compiled a list of who we’d like them to be.

Who do you think the next Killer Instinct fighters will be, Ranters? Does Eyedor have a chance?