‘Killer Instinct’ Adds Cinder This Week, New Trailer Arrives

By | 2 years ago 

While Mortal Kombat X players are eagerly awaiting the addition of Jason Voorhees to the game’s roster, the Killer Instinct faithful are still seeing regular character additions some eighteen months after the title launched. DLC often gets a bad rap, but the seasonal structure of Killer Instinct manages to avoid many of the practice’s pitfalls.

Last month’s trailer for the Japanese horror inspired Hisako offered a glimpse of series stalwart Cinder, but this full reveal gives us a much better look at Iron Galaxy Studios’ take on the character. The clip picks up immediately after TJ Combo’s trailer, which itself was first seen almost a year ago.

Cinder’s design will be quite familiar to anyone who saw the fiery fighter in his earlier appearances in the series — but he’s been given an all-new attitude to set him apart from the rest of the Killer Instinct roster. Quipping his way through the trailer, Cinder’s characterization clearly takes some inspiration from comic book characters like Deadpool and even Spider-Man.

The quick wit Cinder displays in the trailer allows for a clever callback to the earliest days of Killer Instinct — he mockingly calls TJ Combo ‘Mr. Fist’, which was one proposed name for the boxer when the original game was still in development.

However, this isn’t just a gag character designed to spout one-liners — from what they’re saying on Twitter, Iron Galaxy Studios are very proud of the work that they’ve put in to do Cinder justice:

While no one could be sure of the consequences of the studio taking the reins once Double Helix Games left for Amazon after the game’s first season, Iron Galaxy have done great work on Killer Instinct. Fans will be hoping that the devs stick around for the often rumored third season.

However, as has become something of a tradition, this trailer teased the next fighter to join the game’s roster. First teased at the end of story mode back in the first season, the cybernetic ARIA seems to have sprouted wings since we last saw her, even if her face is as cold and blank as ever.

While Mortal Kombat X is the fighting game everyone’s talking about at the moment, that game would be glad to have the longevity Killer Instinct has already enjoyed. Expect to hear more about the future of this game come E3 — hopefully in the form of confirmation of a third series.

Killer Instinct is available now on the Xbox One. Cinder will be added into the game on April 30 for Ultra Edition owners, and a week later for those with the Combo Breaker Edition.