Looking to rejuvenate their image by calling upon the ancient spirits of hit 1990s titles, Rare seems to have come a long way in conjuring up the remake to its classic Super Nintendo fighting game, Killer Instinct. Like NetherRealm Studios have done with its legendary Mortal Kombat reboot, Microsoft Studios aims to make a killing for Xbox One sales by bringing an infamous fighting classic to a new generation.

There has already been some speculation as to Microsoft’s pricing plan for the upcoming Xbox One launch title. While it will be free to play with a single character, additional fighters will cost $5 a pop. Considering the original Killer Instinct contained 11 alone – with 4 new characters in its sequel – purchasing each one is shaping up to be a costly undertaking.

Fortunately, Microsoft has outlined a few helpful package deals at this year’s Gamescom, which should lighten the load on players’ wallets. The “Combo Breaker Pack” will cost $19.99 and feature 8 characters – 6 at launch, and 2 which can be downloaded before their scheduled release dates. The “Ultra Edition,” however, will cost $39.99 and include the Combo Breaker Pack, as well as accessory packs and costumes, and the original Killer Instinct arcade game.

Also announced is the addition of Chief Thunder, who will join Killer Instinct veterans Cinder, Fulgore, Glacius, Jago, Sabrewulf, and Spinal. Appearing in the original game, Thunder is known for his Native American appearance, trusty tomahawk, and his brutality. While there’s no telling when or if other original characters will be announced – or anyone from KI2, for that matter – favorites like Riptor are sure to make an appearance. Developer Double Helix has also expressed interest in creating brand new characters for this game. Take a look at Chief Thunder in action below!

With fighting games like PlayStation All-Stars and Killer Instinct broaching this territory, asking players to pay $5 for each additional character, what could this mean for future titles? If this trend continues to escalate, how might it affect other genres? Many players have already expressed concern for developers keeping content on the other side of a purchase window. On the plus side, offering the base Killer Instinct game for free is a solid move on Microsoft’s part, and should encourage players to take advantage of the 8-character pack options.

Ranters, are you excited to hack and slash your way to victory in Killer Instinct? What characters are you looking forward to playing as? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

Killer Instinct is being developed by Double Helix as an Xbox One launch title.

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Source: Xbox Wire