A new report suggests that two more characters that will be joining Killer Instinct season three have leaked, and one of them is an intimidating old favorite.

Hot on the heels of the official trailer for the debut of the Arbiter in Killer Instinct, a leak speculating on two more members joining the game’s season three roster has emerged, and one of the characters is a nightmare emerging from one of the Xbox’s most popular franchises. For those unfamiliar with the Gears of War series, General Raam is one of the primary antagonists in the series’ first instalment, a terrifying Locust capable of brutal feats of strength and cunning. Raam is an iconic character within the Gears of War universe, and his inclusion within the newest season of Killer Instinct could generate a swell of interest in Microsoft’s fighter.

If the leaks, which first appeared on the NeoGAF forums, end up being confirmed, General Raam will be another exciting addition to a roster that has already included some big names. On top of the previously mentioned Arbiter, Killer Instinct will also feature Rash from Battletoads, a cheeky reference to a cult hit from Rare that spawned one of the most popular gaming memes of the last decade. Adding one of the big bads from Gears of War will make season three, which will start at the end of March, that much more interesting.

Of course, the report says that two characters will be joining Killer Instinct, and while the other fighter isn’t necessarily as well-known as Raam, they’ll still be a familiar name to those who keep up with Killer Instinct‘s narrative. Mira, Maya’s late twin sister who was first introduced in the Xbox One reboot of the Killer Instinct series, will also be joining the ever-growing roster of fighters. The circumstances surrounding Mira’s death are vague at best, but one thing seems for sure: whatever was supposed to kill Mira didn’t seem to take, and the cast of Killer Instinct will have another contender to exchange blows with.

While neither of the leaked characters made some of the more popular lists of Xbox characters that should appear in Killer Instinct, they both bring something different to the series and should help flesh out the variety of the game even more. The leak also indicates the existence of a new mode in Killer Instinct called Shadow Lords, which appears to take place during some kind of global war. How that new game mode will be integrated with Killer Instinct‘s classic approach to fighting mechanics remains to be seen, however.

killer instinct rash battletoads fighter roster

Still, the biggest news on the day is that General Raam is coming back to terrorize gamers once more, albeit on a slightly smaller scale than the attempted extermination of the entire human race. The constant addition of legendary figures in Microsoft exclusives makes the comparison of Killer Instinct to the Super Smash Bros. series more valid with each announcement, and Killer Instinct seems poised to become a real contender to Nintendo’s popular take on fighters sooner rather than later.

What do you think of the new leaks? Is General Raam the character you would’ve chosen from Gears of War, or were you hoping for a member of the Fenix family? Let us know in the comments below.

Killer Instinct is currently available for Xbox One and PC, and season three will begin on March 29, 2016.

Source: NeoGAF (via Shoryuken)