Kid Makes Cardboard Nintendo Switch After His Mom Won't Buy One

cardboard nintendo switch

There's no denying the immediate popularity of the Nintendo Switch. The console itself has been a struggle to locate following its release, which has lead to Nintendo doubling production of the Nintendo Switch in an attempt to keep up with the demand. Given how scarce the platform is on store shelves now, it's not surprising to hear that there are some gamers that have been unable to get their hands on the system. However, while supplies are an issue for some, one super fan is simply having some trouble convincing his mother to purchase it for him.

With excitement for the Nintendo's newest console as high as it has ever been, a 5th grader in Japan has gone ahead and built a version of the Switch completely out of cardboard. What makes this homemade, non-functioning creation so impressive is the level of detail that the young student has put into it. In fact, it was so impressive that Twitter user Ama-chan took the liberty of uploading a video of her little brother's creation.

Those curious to see this cardboard Nintendo Switch console can do so below.

Featuring detachable Joy-Con controllers, a Switch dock, a Joy-Con cradle, and even a card slot for faux games (one of which is presumably the critically applauded Breath of the Wild), this is an impressive feat for anyone – let alone a child. According to Ama-chan, her brother wants to make video games when he gets older, and that goal seems to be less of a leap given the attention to detail the youngster has clearly demonstrated is in his repertoire already.

There's still no word on whether or not this version of the Nintendo Switch is experiencing syncing issues with its left Joy-Con, but time should be able to shed light on that matter. For now, gamers can just be in awe of what a 5th grader from Japan was able to build with some cardboard and a little inspiration fuelled by the excitement he has for a new video game console from Nintendo.

Source: Twitter - Ama-chan (via Kotaku)

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