New 'Kid Icarus: Uprising' Gameplay Trailer and Details

Kid Icarus: Uprising Gameplay Trailer and Details

It's a great day to be a 3DS owner. In addition to a Resident Evil: Revelations demo going live on the eShop, Nintendo has released a fresh batch of details and a brand new trailer for one of Game Rant's Most Anticipated Games of 2012, Kid Icarus: Uprising.

For longtime Nintendo fans, Kid Icarus: Uprising is the clear highlight of a remarkably strong slate of early 2012 3DS releases that also includes the aforementioned Resident Evil: Revelations and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, among others. In addition to sharing a release window, all three of those games will support the Circle Pad Pro, though not all in the same way.

While Resident Evil and Metal Gear use the attachment to offer console-style dual analog control, Kid Icarus: Uprising will exclusively use the Circle Pad Pro to provide a control option for left-handed gamers. Whether players use the Circle Pad Pro or not, Kid Icarus: Uprising is controlled with one hand on the analog stick, and the other holding a stylus. Fortunately, the previously announced 3DS stand will be coming to North America, packed in with every copy of the game.

Kid Icarus: Uprising tells the story of Pit's battle against the dark forces of Medusa and her Underworld Army. Don't think our hero would take on such a formidable foe empty handed. Uprising players will have access to nine categories of weapons, including Bows for long-range attacks and Claws for when the fight gets up close and personal. Furthermore, Pit will occasionally have vehicles at his disposal, such as the Exo Tank (which immediately brings to mind the tank levels from Star Fox 64 3D).

Check out the brand new Kid Icarus: Uprising gameplay trailer below.


In addition to its other charms, Kid Icarus: Uprising might just have the most customizable difficulty settings of any game ever, thanks to the Fiend's Cauldron. The full details, straight from Nintendo:

"The Fiend’s Cauldron is an incredible new system that allows players to customize their play experience by adjusting the intensity level. Intensity ranges from 0.0 — 9.0 for each individual Chapter. As the intensity increases, players will be able to earn more Hearts and more powerful weapon drops from defeated enemies. Hearts also can be used to purchase new weapons. The standard intensity setting is 2.0, but players can precisely adjust it by increments of 0.1. In order to increase the intensity, players must bet by placing an increasing number of Hearts into the Fiend’s Cauldron. If the player is defeated during the Chapter, some Hearts will be lost and the intensity will be lowered. "

Finally, Nintendo is betting that it can drive some Kid Icarus: Uprising pre-orders by offering a nifty bonus: 3D Classics: Kid Icarus. The 3D update of the 25 year old NES original has been available in Japan and Europe for a while now, but in North America, players will need to reserve Uprising at "select retails" if they want to relive Pit's first adventure. Those "select retailers" have yet to be named, but the usual suspects (GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon) are probably safe bets.

Ranters, will you be pre-ordering Kid Icarus: Uprising? What do you think of the game's new trailer?

Kid Icarus: Uprising releases March 23, 2012, exclusively for the 3DS.


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