Sony’s Kevin Butler Leaves PlayStation For ‘Flooring’ Project?

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Kevin butler Leaves Sony

He’s been the VP of ‘Heroic Actions,’ ‘The Cold Hard Truth,’ ‘Fanboy Relations,’ ‘Explosions‘ and countless other titles too numerous to mention in one post. Regardless of his title, Kevin Butler has been arguably one of the most well known Sony personalities in recent memory. Coming out of Sony’s struggle to keep faith with their fans after the PSN debacle, K.B. has been a beacon in the dark. That’s why Butler announcing that he and the company are parting ways is so interesting.

When a personality becomes so inextricably linked to publicity, advertising, and unorthodox marketing, such an announcement won’t be taken at face value by the internet sleuths out there. Butler announced today via Twitter that he would be removing his coat of many Vice-Presidential colors, and donning a new mantle of presidential status.

While there’s no doubt that Microsoft or Nintendo snagging the spokesperson would be a major coup, it isn’t a competitor, or even an electronics company that’s managed to swipe Butler. No, the outspoken K.B. has put Sony behind him to take a job within his own family:

“A man can only be made VP so many times, KB’s off to be PRESIDENT of my uncle’s new upstart company.”

Butler’s Twitter now lists him as President of ‘Economy Flooring,’ intent on aiding all those suffering from flooring-related woes. Later on, he also mentioned that he would be “hiring but please no job apps yet.” Future commercials are given as a real possibility, but there wasn’t anything else mentioned about when, where, or the all-important why.

A Sony Computer Entertainment America spokesperson was just as cryptic on the matter, issuing a statement to Industry Gamers that doesn’t clear things up, but does hint at a possible light at the end of the tunnel:

“Stay tuned. We’ll have more info on KB’s new upstart career shortly. In the meantime, keep following his tweets.”

Yet before K.B. fans go rioting in the streets, there’s hope that this is a publicity move bigger than any before, but still shrouded in mystery. Astute readers may have noticed that in every ‘business card’ that plasters Butler’s Twitter background, the address given is located in Foster City, California. Surprisingly, that’s the same place where Sony’s mobile division is located, meaning that whatever Butler’s up to it could have something to do with a future Xperia Play or PS Vita release.

That would tie in with the “flooring” and “carpeting” comments, potentially leading up to a new platformer. With Sony granting $20 million in indie development, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to see some of that funding go to the mobile platforms. The Vita’s marketing machine has yet to reach the critical mass that Sony tends to generate prior to a platform launch, so perhaps Butler has been relocated to draw some attention to the new handheld.

Then again, the “floor” could be just that: a floor showing at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show in September, where whatever KB is involved in will be put on display.

It will be interesting to see what ‘President’ Kevin Butler and Sony have up their sleeves in the coming months. One thing is for sure, if K.B. is involved it will be one of the most interesting PR moves that Sony has made in a while. What do you think, has the VP of ‘Epic Gaming for All’ finally moved on, or is he working on something bigger and better?

Let us know what you think, and give us your best thoughts.

Source: Twitter, Industry Gamers

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