Kevin Butler: VP of Explosions Promotes PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move

Why doesn’t Kevin Butler have a TV show deal? Seriously, if some guy who merely posts his father's musings on Twitter can get one, why can’t a guy who literally sets things on fire?

In this new trailer, hoping to increase anticipation for the upcoming PlayStation Move release, Kevin Butler brings us a montage of epic Move game play, both in-game and in-living room, while spicing things up with his trademark sense of humor.

The video mixes a mostly slow motion video with up tempo opera music playing behind - upping the cool factor significantly. But in my opinion, while the trailer may be entertaining, it doesn’t sell gamers on the experience nor does it showcase games that would be original or fun to play.

Kevin Butler only bookends the video rather than starring.

Check out the trailer below:


In my opinion the PlayStation Move isn’t as appealing as Sony was hoping it would be but they still believe that, in the long run, the peripheral will be popular. For me, the precision of the controller makes most of the game experiences I have had more frustrating than you would find on a Wii game. I don’t doubt that eventually Move will find its niche, I just find it hard to believe that it will come anywhere close to what Nintendo has done with their motion controls.

Move is only a few weeks from launch and the marketing blitz is already upon us. The newest trend with PlayStation games has been to try to either include Move support before launch or, in the case of a few games, retroactively make it available by way of a patch. No matter where you fall, with regard to Move, it's likely you've already made up your mind. And, for the love of all that is good, give Kevin Butler a TV deal!

What camp do you fall into in regards to PlayStation Move? And how much do you love Kevin Butler? Let us know in the comments below.

PlayStation Move launches on September 19th.

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