If there was one shocker to come out of the Sony E3 press conference it was Ken Levine’s proclamation that his team at Irrational Games — thought originally to be against the idea of motion control in games — would be supporting PlayStation Move in BioShock: Infinite.

But, Ken Levine’s announcements during Sony’s conference didn’t end solely address Move, but were also focused on the publisher’s forthcoming handheld, the PS Vita. Though Levine didn’t make any mention of what form a BioShock Vita game would take, he certainly left gamers considering the possibilities.

Now, as part of his whirlwind media blitz promotion of BioShock: Infinite, Levine is once again talking about BioShock on the Vita, and how this handheld version will not be simply a port of the first game or its spiritual successor.

Instead, when bringing the BioShock property to Vita, Levine wants to take the same types of risks that Irrational Games took when they were developing Infinite — creating an experience that felt fresh and new, and not like a cut-and-paste version of the previous title. For Levine, BioShock on the Vita would be an experiment, a chance to surprise gamers once again.

“For us, it’s like, ‘Hey, here’s this weird experiment you want to do.’ Experiments always carry risks, though. That’s been the experience of working on BioShock: Infinite. And working on BioShock. People saying, ‘This is weird, risky, I don’t understand.’ I’m fortunate that I get to do things that are risky, my team gets to do things that are risky.”

While Levine didn’t go into too much detail about this Vita BioShock title, he has given gamers plenty of reason to anticipate its release. Knowing that the Irrational Games team isn’t going to be porting either Infinite or the first BioShock to the handheld, but rather will be experimenting in much the same way that they have with the console versions of the property, should sate our appetites until full attention has moved past BioShock: Infinite.

For now, it’s all about considering the possibilities of BioShock combined with all of the features of the Vita. That, and rewatching the breathtaking demo of BioShock: Infinite.

How would you like to see the BioShock property adapt the tech of the Vita? Do you think that BioShock and Vita are a good fit?

Source: IGN