Keiji Inafune Teases 'Amazing' New Game for Vita

Keiji Inafune Working on Vita Project

It's been nearly two years since Keiji Inafune announced that he was leaving Capcom and heading to greener pastures, and since then we haven't seen much from the one high profile developer in terms of tantalizing content. Obviously the properties that he left behind like Mega Man and Dead Rising couldn't come with him, but the guy was definitely creative and has a strong fan base because of that creativity.

Although it's not necessarily a big clue as to what Inafune has in the pipeline, he did reveal during GDC that there is a Vita project in the works, and called it an "amazing" game. The reveal comes by way of a larger Sony video package meaning it could be a Vita exclusive.

Unfortunately beyond the acknowledgement that he is, in fact, working on a new game, Inafune wouldn't share any details regarding this Vita project. Our first inclination, had he still been working for Capcom, would be a portable Dead Rising title, or maybe even a throwback Mega Man, but without those properties do draw from the possibilities become even greater, and much more exciting.

As Rayman Origins has demonstrated, there is still a market for the 2D platformer, albeit with some jaw-dropping 3D visuals, so perhaps Inafune could be working on something that hearkens back to the old days. In the video, Keiji does say that the title will be very "Inafune-like", but these days that could mean a great many things.

It could be a title that is about surviving amidst a zombie outbreak, or it could be a challenging side-scroller, or something totally new but that uses elements that would be recognizable to any fan of Inafune's work.

At this point in time, despite a few interesting titles amidst a swath of mediocrity, Sony could really do with some serious developmental backing from the heavy hitting personalities in the industry. Even Uncharted: Golden Abyss, a game that should have been a shoe-in for must-have Vita title, failed to deliver, leading us to believe that it will be the new IPs that really sell the handheld to the masses.

What are your hopes for a Vita title created by Keiji Inafune? Which of Inafune's projects would you like to see the title closely mirror?

Source: Andria Sang

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