Kaz Hirai Sony CEO Parody Account Posts Final Tweet

Sony Kaz Hirai steps down

The popular Twitter parody account @KazHiraiCEO has posted its final tweet after a long series of tweets commenting on the announcements of this year's E3 conference. Kaz Hirai was the president and CEO of Sony Corporation until he officially stepped down on April 1st, 2018.

The closure of the account was announced back in February, not long after the real Kaz Hirai announced that he would be stepping down in April. The "end date" of the Twitter account had since been projected as June 15th, 2018 - the day after the last day of E3.

Since the closure of the account was announced at the beginning of the year, @KazHiraiCEO account runner Mark Doherty opened up a "JustGiving" page where fans could donate to the charity SpecialEffects. The charity is dedicated to helping disabled individuals gain access to new and helpful technology.

The very first tweet on the @KazHiraiCEO account was made on February 2nd, 2011 and simply read "Hello consumers of digital entertainment." It was the precursor to over 7 years of 140-character comedy. The final tweet on the account mirrored the first one, featuring an image that read "@KazHiraiCEO is permanently undergoing maintenance," in addition to a caption reading "Goodbye consumers of digital entertainment."

The @KazHiraiCEO JustGiving page has managed to collect £1,664.14 at the time of writing, exceeding its initial goal by 277%. The account has also put together a page of highlights where users can see the best tweets from @KazHiraiCEO from its first tweet to its final one.

The @KazHiraiCEO account, like many fan parodies, has been handled in good spirits by Sony, specifically by the man that it parodies. After revealing his identity, Mark Doherty mentioned that he was told Kaz Hirai's reaction to the parody account. Apparently, when confronted with the Parody account, Kaz Hirai chose not to take any action against it.

“He ended up speaking to a couple of people who work for Sony about it,” he says. “They said he hasn’t read any tweets, but he was told it was funny in a good way. So he decided not to get it shut down.”

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