Kaz Hirai To Be Sony's New President & CEO

Kaz Hirai Becomes Sony President and CEO

Beginning on April Fools' Day, April 1, 2012, Kaz Hirai, formerly Sony's Executive Deputy President, will be the big head honcho of Sony. Hirai will be the new President of Sony, replacing Sir Howard Stringer. Later this year in June, Stringer will also become the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Sony.

Kaz Hirai has been somewhat of a more public face for Sony, making big headlines recently by suggesting the PlayStation 4 will still require physical media to play games and that there would be no formal announcements regarding PlayStation 4 at E3 2012. The PlayStation brand is only one aspect of the conglomerate that is Sony, the company is still in charge of a great deal of electronics that Hirai will also have to keep in mind as he pilots the company.

We here at Game Rant to congratulate Kaz Hirai on his undertaking of a very important position at a very important company. Here's a snippet of Hirai's official statement regarding his promotion:

"...the path we must take is clear: to drive the growth of our core electronics businesses - primarily digital imaging, smart mobile and game; to turn around the television business; and to accelerate the innovation that enables us to create new business domains."

With a statement like that, it sounds like Sony wants to remaster dominance over ALL electronic devices. Let us hope that Hirai will be passing on Mini Disc-like ideas.

Sony made the claim that they spent more money on their first party games compared to their competitors, Nintendo or Microsoft, so it's clear how much they value their position and opportunities in the video game industry. With the Vita hitting worldwide this month, it's an exciting time for Sony and their consumers.

Hoping to see any changes in the video game offerings from Sony from the new leadership?


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