Katy Perry Getting Her Own Mobile Game

Katy Perry Videogame

Katy Perry is a literal firework - her work has exploded all over the world, and her most recent Superbowl performance has left her name on the lips of plenty around the globe. While some could bask in the fame and take it easy, Perry has just announced that she's following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian, and will be releasing a mobile game that is expected to released sometime in late 2015.

The game is set to be developed by none other than Glu Mobile, who was the creative force behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The game was a top-grossing title on the mobile marketplace for some time last year, and generated a third of the company's entire revenue stream. Prior to the success of the game, the company had poured almost a million into the project, and ended up making upwards of 15 times that in profit. Glu Mobile is no stranger to hit mobile games, however, having handled cult hits like Diner Dash and classic hits like Centipede and Monopoly.

Perry is no stranger to videogames either, having had her own Stuff Pack in The Sims called Katy Perry's Sweet Treats. Perhaps that's where she got her inspiration for the sharks at her half-time Superbowl show:

Katy Perry The Sims

Shark or no shark, the game will likely be a similar experience to Glu's Kardashian-based title, and will feature the singer's talented voice and likeness. Glu Mobile said that the game would "introduce players to a digital playground of global success and talent", which is an admittedly ambiguous statement that doesn't provide details about the game itself - and could easily be a description of their Kardashian game, too.

It'd be easy for Glu Mobile to essentially re-skin Kim's game and sell it to a new set of fans, but we hope they'll take the high road and develop some new and interesting ideas for fans to enjoy. Katy Perry brings a colorful palette to match her bubbly personality, and we could see both kids and fans alike enjoying her game if it's done right.

In terms of digital sales, Perry is one singer who has a track record which literally can't be beat - she's the highest selling digital artist in the world, and she'll be hoping her fans that make digital purchases are willing to do so in regards to gaming as well.

What do you think about a Katy Perry game, Ranters?

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