Kard Combat Massive Update

A major update for the Hothead Games trading card game, Kard Combat, is set to hit the app store today – and it is major in every sense of the word.

The update, version 1.2, will add four new mages, two new gameplay modes and a handful of tweaks and under-the-hood updates to better enhance the experience.

The four new mages are Demon, Chaos, Deception and Arcane – bringing the overall total of mage classes to eight. Each of the new mage choices come with their unique skill sets, as listed below:

  • Demon: Born from the fires of Hell, Demon’s strengths lie in Fire mana and card reincarnation.  When Demon’s cards are destroyed they are replaced immediately by successors to continue their reign.
  • Chaos: Thriving in the madness of battle, Chaos disrupts his opponent with unpredictable cards of chance. The power of his cards is unpredictable to play against which make him a fierce and wild opponent.
  • Deception: Deception has many cunning cards up his sleeve that can thwart even the best strategies. He will force his opponent to remain tactically agile and therefore can be the most dynamic mage to face.
  • Arcane: Arcane specializes only in very powerful spells such as his Ritual Sacrifice or Healing Rays. Confined only to the use of magic, his spells are more powerful than any other mage.

Additionally, there are two new modes: Challenge and Timed Multiplayer.

Challenge will place you in a random scenario where you’ll have you use strategy and skill to beat the odds. You may start the game with one health point or an already placed field of cards, leaving it up to you to gain your bearings and plan a path for victory.

Timed Multiplayer is a tightened mode of the regular multiplayer where each player has three minutes per turn, making for a speedier game. If the player fails to make a move in the three minutes, the opponent automatically wins.

The update to 1.2 will also come with a few tweaks as well. There will be new sound options, updated graphics, buttons and animations. The Footman and Automaton cards will now be able to take damage and be destroyed. Also, you will be able to change the difficulty mid-campaign and there will be bug fixes to correct mana numbers, health discrepancies and multiplayer slots.

Version 1.2 is a hefty update, and Hothead Games producer Hamish Millar said it was all thanks to fan requests:

The fans asked and we delivered with this major update, taking into account all of the feedback we’ve received for the game. As a way of thanking our most loyal fans, everyone who purchases the Full Unlock for Kard Combat shall receive the new four mage classes and every other new mage class we ever create for the game, absolutely free.

That said, if you have not purchased the full unlock you will have to pay for the additional mage classes at $0.99 cents each, or $2.99 for the bundle of four. The bug fixes and game modes are a free update all around.

For a bonus card, Hothead Games is running a promotion on the Kard Combat Facebook page. When the page hits 1000 likes, the Oracle card will be unlocked for all players.

Kard Combat is out now for free on iOS devices, with additional paid in-app features. Don’t forget to check out our review!