Rapper, producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur Kanye West takes to his Twitter and critiques game companies that develop kids games with in-app purchases.

Kanye West is none too happy with developers who build freemium kids games that include microtransactions. Never one to hold his tongue, Yeezus aired his grievances on free-to-play games, saying, “Just allow [kids] to have fun and give the parents a break. . .”.

While it’s unclear what caused Ye to speak out on the issue, it’s safe to presume that his daughter, North West, has been racking up a hefty bill with some touch-screen title purchases, which likely irritated the star. However, it’s worth mentioning that Mr. West doesn’t actually make a fuss about the expense, for as it should be known by now, he’s got plenty of money to spare. After all, it’s been well documented in his song “Last Call” that the Louis Vuitton Don’s got a mayonnaise-colored Benz, and pushes Miracle Whips.

Of course, Kanye West is famous for speaking his mind – no matter the topic. For those who wish to get Ye’s unfiltered take on the subject, the full log of Tweets referring to in-app purchases is listed below.

While Kanye’s opinion on freemium ware’s in-game purchases is salient, and on-point for the most part, it seems as if he’s forgetting that his wife’s title for the App Store and Google Play store, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, is built around the very business model he’s condemning. However, it’s arguable that her game isn’t specifically made for children.

Speaking of Kim Kardashian, her mobile game sales made upwards of $85 million in its first year, with a bevy of in-app purchases bolstering that bottom line, as some go as high as $40. Taking those figures into consideration, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood‘s developer Glu Games expects to continue making bank off of such celebrity endorsements somewhere in the range of $500 million. As a matter of fact, in order to help facilitate the company’s ever-growing earnings, Glu Games recently signed up the pop stars Britney Spears and Katy Perry for mobile releases of their own.

Regardless, Kanye West has gone on record as being a huge fan of the video game medium. Before he made a career in music, his previous goals involved him becoming a game designer. As it happens, several months ago, Ye revealed in an interview with The Breakfast Club radio show that he’s working on a video game of his own based on the content of his song “Only One”. Although no release date for the title has materialized, hopefully Mr. West will bring the visionary skills he’s utilized in the music and fashion industries to the gaming world, and provide fans with a worthy title that’s completely free of microtransactions.

Source: Kanye West – Twitter