Kane & Lynch Film On Hold, Searching For New Director

Kane & Lynch Film On Hold

Fans of crazed criminal duo Kane & Lynch are going to be a bit disappointed right now. The film adaptation of the videogame series (we reviewed Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days) has stalled while the production looks for a new director.

The original director, Patrick Alessandrin, has left the project, leaving Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx with some extra time on their hands. Three other directors, Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), Wayne Kramer (Running Scared), and F. Gary Gray (Law Abiding Citizen) have been rumored to helm the project since Alessandrin's departure. Production was slated to start in October, but without a director, it has been changed to a 'To Be Determined' status.

I am a bit saddened at the halting of the production. The property has a lot of potential. Given all the complaints about the gameplay of the first title, and the length of the second title (check out our discussion and analysis), a film version of the property seems like it might be a much better venture.

Unfortunately, videogame-movies haven't exactly been the biggest blockbuster at the box office (which may be a concern for the upcoming Shadow of the Colossus movie). They also have the problem of being faithful to the game in an attempt to please fans. Luckily, with a property like Kane & Lynch, a movie could be much more creative, as it really only centers around the two characters placed into a situation that is incredibly bad for them.

I remain optimistic for a movie based on this particular videogame, even though casting Jamie Foxx as Lynch seems like the weirdest thing in the world. Crime drama is always a good go-to type of movie, and combined with the horrible bad luck that these characters have, the story potential could go through the roof. And if the movie took a page from Kane & Lynch 2 and adapted the spectator-with-a-camera approach of filming, I think it could do very well, and possibly be interesting enough to watch.

What about you -- are you disappointed that the Kane & Lynch movie has been postponed, or is this actually good news in disguise?

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is available now for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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