New Trailer Shows How Kane & Lynch Are "Gaming's Most Notorious Criminals"

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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is poised to be released in a very short time and what better way to become quickly associated with the look of the game than with this new cinematic trailer. I can't say I've grown tired of seeing the multitude of trailers coming out for this game, but it is refreshing to see something that isn't revolved around game footage. Actually, this latest trailer, portraying the duo of Kane and Lynch as "gaming's most notorious criminals", blends the game's "guy following with a digital camcorder" artistic direction with CG and turns out to be pretty neat. If this happened to be the trailer for the film version of the game, I'd be in bunches.

Like previous trailers for Kane & Lynch 2, there is a lot of violence and swearing:


What I really enjoy about this trailer is how it begins, which is right in the middle of action. I know narrative is important for games, but I feel the distinct lack of it in this particular title is working well. The trailer also illustrates the pair's personalities, one being a psychopath and the other trying to reign in that psychopath. Will they triumph? Most likely, but not before taking more than a few injuries, and I don't think it's going to be limited to just cuts and scrapes.

This trailer not enough for you to make a decision to play the game? You can procure yourself a demo of the game right now. Or maybe you want to check out some of the multiplayer options, of which the game has plenty. I know this is one title that I've been more than interested in and I can't wait til it comes out.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days starts the killing and the thieving on August 17, 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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