In conjunction with IO Interactive‘s announcement that Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will be shipping a week earlier than expected, they also decided to release this brand new trailer. Showcasing the more cinematic side of the game’s multiplayer, this trailer is worth giving a look.

I know what you’re already going to be thinking as soon as it plays, “It looks like ‘Reservoir Dogs!’ ” And I definitely agree, hell, it may have been purposefully shot like that to add to the gritty crime-drama feel that the title is almost bursting with. It doesn’t introduce any new footage that you haven’t already seen from the previous trailers (Fragile Alliance, Cops & Robbers, Undercover Cop), but it still looks great and it does get me excited to play the game once it comes out.

The language is a bit naughty, so you should not play this around children or at work (unless you don’t want to work there anymore):


I like the vibe the trailer puts out and it definitely shows the basic design of their multiplayer model. Progressing from liquor store robberies to blowing up trains and taking the money cargo is a significant step up. I haven’t gotten my hands on the multiplayer yet, but games that pit players against opposing forces that are keeping them from obtaining loot are always fun, especially when you get to betray your teammates for a larger share of the cash.

The trailer also lets you see what kind of character models you’ll get to play as. My obvious choice is going to be the guy with the hat and beard who slightly looks like me. Although, the guy wearing the suit jacket with track pants and going bald seems to be a close runner up. I’m also wondering if these characters will appear in the single player in any kind of capacity.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days starts heisting with badly dressed men on August 17, 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.