The third of four trailers showcasing Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days‘ multiplayer has been released and this one is a bit different than the previous two shown. “Undercover Cop” mode is similar to “Fragile Alliance” and “Arcade Mode” where a group of thieves cooperates to make off with $4 million in under four minutes.

Only, there’s a twist, since one of the thieves is really an undercover cop. The cop, who is chosen at random before the game starts, is charged with stopping the thieves with making off with the money, but only after the money has been taken. In addition, the cop does not turn traitor to the group when he eliminates another member, so you will not know who the cop is until he’s shooting at you…or it’s too late.

The first thing I thought of upon watching this trailer was the Chow Yun-Fat classic City on Fire (remade into Reservoir Dogs) and the Shanghai atmosphere definitely adds to the feel of it. Maybe you might agree.


“Undercover Cop” mode is a nice twist on the “one special guy” game mode. It’s definitely a good addition to game and adds to the feel very well. I’m probably in the minority on liking the actual look and style of the game. I’ll admit that it doesn’t appear fantastic when compared to other games, but as long as the game plays and feels good, I’m willing to look past the graphical disadvantage for an enjoyable game experience.

That aside, the trailer seems to show a more recent version of the game with improved gun sounds and new weapons. The multiplayer looks very strong too, so I hope people will give it a try when the game releases.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days lets you hone your paranoia and criminal intuition on August 27, 2010 for Xbox 360 and PS3.