Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Demo Comes to US Xbox 360s

Kane & Lynch 2 Down

Good news, everyone! Remember that Kane & Lynch 2 demo that was going to be exclusive to the UK? It seems like IO Interactive had a change of heart and decided to let North America in on the action too, and in a very significant way. Starting today, gamers can go to the official Kane & Lynch 2 website and register to receive a token to download a feature-heavy demo of the upcoming shooter.  The demo is exclusively for Xbox 360.

What's so special about this particular demo? It will give gamers a chance to play the "Restaurant" level of the campaign (most likely the level this footage is from), try out the single-player Arcade Mode, and every single multiplayer mode (Fragile Alliance, Undercover Cop, and Cops & Robbers) on the map "Financial District."

Unable to get a download token? Fear not, there will be a demo accessible to everyone available for the Xbox 360, PS3, and the PC when the game approaches launch. But for now, if you're interested in crime-action with a unique visual twist, and you've got a 360, what's it going to hurt to register for the demo?

I registered, so hopefully Game Rant will be delivering some demo impressions detailing every mode of gameplay for you, our loyal fans.

What do you guys think about this kind of restricted access demo?  Have you registered for your download token?

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days brings the pain, the violence, and the lens-flair on August 24, 2010, for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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