The last of four trailers showcasing the multiplayer in Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days has been released and it’s more of a “normal” mode. That is to say, it’s a good ol’ fashioned cops and robbers multiplayer mode. The premise remains the same, the six robbers try to make off with $4 million in four minutes, only this time, real life human players controlling six cops are trying to stop them. Yes, that’s right, simultaneous 12 player multiplayer support.

Kind of a breath of fresh air with a more traditional competitive mode where you can focus on team work and not have to worry about getting shot in the back. Refreshingly enough, there is considerably less swearing in this trailer than the others, but there’s s still a few things NSFW.

Check it out for yourself:


With the last of the multiplayer trailers released, I’m wondering if IO Interactive will release a few more single player trailers showcasing more gameplay, or even a demo before the game ships in only a few months. I want to have an idea of what to expect from the gameplay if I’m going to be spending any kind of time with the game. From what I’ve seen from the multiplayer trailers, though, Kayne & Lynch won’t leave me wanting, which is a good thing.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days lets you relive your own Heat moments, only with badly dressed men, on August 27, 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.