Kane & Lynch 2 DLC Forthcoming on August 31

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With Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days released (check out our review here), you can expect that IO Interactive will start rolling out the online content for it, and they will. Starting August 31, three multiplayer packs will become available for gamers to abuse: 'Multiplayer Mask Pack', 'Alliance Weapon Pack", and 'Doggie Bag Pack'. Unfortunately, there is no pricing information available yet, but I would venture they cost between $5 and $15.

If you were wondering what some of the products looked like, you're in luck: This limited edition trailer (embedded conveniently for you) shows the masks in use and some extra weapons, leading me to believe the Doggie Bag pack will contain a number of new maps.


I have finished the game myself and do agree that it's a very short ride, but it is a pretty crazy one. Multiplayer does seem very fun from the little I have played of it, but I have been having connectivity issues with it so far and hope that it's just me or that the problem will be resolved soon. I like the idea of the mask DLC, which I'm hoping will just be free as the content is already in game, the masks add to the slight campy feel you already get with the character costumes. These guys aren't dressed for any kind of tactical action at all, but then again, I'm not quite sure what you're supposed to wear to a robbery. Maybe the idea was to dress so outlandishly, the police would be perplexed and not shoot you immediately? Who knows.

Anyway, IO Interactive looks to be showing Kane & Lynch 2 their support and it is a much better game than it's predecessor, albeit, with some issues. Given the game's ending (no spoiler), I would definitely like to see a third game in the series.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is ready to maim and available now for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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