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Not much longer before the world gets reacquainted with the two very unstable video game protagonists in Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. As a result, IO Interactive continues churning out video after video showcasing the game - this time focusing on the profiles of our two unlikely heroes. All videos contain harsh language and graphic violence, so be mindful of where you watch it.

The first video focuses on Adam "Kane" Marcus, the main protagonist of the first game, and gives you some information on him such as his name and his mercenary background. In these vignettes of gameplay, you can expect to see more of the first-person hand-cam style of the perspective be put into work and it really seems to exemplify the hectic nature of the game. There's enough voicework in the video to also illustrate that the duo are part of an arms deal gone wrong and have to deal with the rather large consequences of their actions.


The second video showcasing James Seth Lynch, the more psychopathic character of the two. From what I remember of him in Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, he was just as crazy then as he is now, only this time he has a reason: A woman. Yes, women make men do the craziest things, doesn't matter if you're in love with her or if it's your grandma. This particular video shows you a lot of the "down, but not dead" mechanic, which I would presume is meant to illustrate the desperation of Lynch's character as he fights to protect his lady while collecting some hefty money. Life certainly isn't easy for a mob enforcer.


And finally, this latest behind the scenes video talks about the multiplayer design. One thing I thought was very original about Kane & Lynch multiplayer was Fragile Alliance mode. Kim Krogh, the Multiplayer Game Director for Kane & Lynch 2, talks about how multiplayer elements evolve when it changes from just being about shooting the other team with the addition of money. Money, while such a simple concept, does wonders for motivation, especially when everyone wants more of it.

The interesting part of the video is Krogh's comment of having your teammates do more of the killing for you while you pick off whoever remains and then excape with the majority of the cash. Sounds like classic heist action to me and for that I am truly excited. Not to mention, who doesn't like playing Cops & Robbers and being an Undercover Cop?


Just in case you were wondering how Kayne & Lynch 2 gameplay feels, there is a demo available for all platforms which I didn't think it was too shabby.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days shows you nuance of being a crazy person in the criminal underworld on August 17, 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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